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At NAVEO, we’re always learning. Digital marketing solutions are constantly evolving and we keep up to date on industry technology and trends in google analytics, social media & SEO, PPC, and marketing communications. Check NAVEO NEWS to read about how we put best practices to work for our clients and for actionable tips that can assist you with your brand awareness strategy.

content development services Milwaukee

Content Development Services

Creating quality content for your business website, email campaigns, social media profiles and other platforms takes a lot of work. Without an in-house marketing department and copywriter on staff, it can be a struggle for business owners to get projects off the ground, let alone complete professionally polished content on a deadline.

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keyword search intent

Why Keyword Search Intent Matters in SEO

Search intent is the main reason a person makes an online search. Also called user intent or keyword intent, search intent can seem obvious just by reading the search term - and sometimes it is. But with over 5.6 billion searches made every day on Google, a given keyword’s prevailing search intent as understood by the algorithm may differ from your initial assumption.

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wordpress update services Milwaukee

WordPress Updates & Website Maintenance

Building a website starts with a software framework called WordPress. Plugins (software add-ons) are installed for specific functionality like contact forms, ecommerce, spam filtering, etc. We strongly recommend ongoing preventative maintenance (including software updates) to keep your site functionality flawless and maximize security.

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SEO for business growth

SEO for Business Growth

By now, most business owners have heard some version of: "You need SEO to grow your business." Without understanding what SEO is and how it generates new leads, SEO for business growth might seem like a pile of marketing pixie dust. Even if you are familiar with SEO and its benefits, taking real action can be daunting.

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3D product animation company Milwaukee Wisconsin

3D Product Animation Services

3D animation offers big advantages for businesses who need to communicate the value of a complex or technical product. Even tiny or hidden details can be precisely illustrated, taking the viewer on a tour from every angle, inside and out.

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WordPress migration service Milwaukee

Things to Consider When Migrating a Website to WordPress

Converting a website to WordPress isn’t difficult for a seasoned web programmer. However, it’s easy to miss critical steps that can result in major headaches if you’re new to the process. Our team at NAVEO does a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure a smooth transition. Here are just a few of the steps we take to aid in a seamless process.

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