5 Website Marketing Strategies You Need to Employ

Keeping up with Google algorithms has become a full-time endeavor. Do this, don’t do that and don’t even think about keyword stuffing! When you determine your website marketing strategies, content should still be your first and foremost consideration. You are writing to prospective clients, not search engines, after all. At the same time, though, you need to keep Google, Bing, and Yahoo in mind. So how do you both?

Here are 5 Industrial Website Marketing Strategies to Keep in Mind

  1. Strong content – As we mentioned above, content is still king. When writing a website page, blog post, or any sort of online marketing content consider your user. What kind of information will be helpful to them? Do topics of conversation come up when you talk with your clients? What is the best way you can communicate information to them that they can readily absorb?
  2. Keyword research – It’s not enough that you determine what will be helpful for your current or prospective clients to know. You also need to figure out what search words they will use to find this information online. The words they search for may not be the ones that come to mind for you. If your competitor researches keyword phrases and uses them, and you don’t. Guess what? They’ll find their website, not yours.
  3. Optimize your content for SEO –  SE who? If you don’t know what SEO stands for, you have some work to do. Search engine optimization (SEO) is all the behind-the-scenes work you need to do to when doing any type of marketing to ensure your content turns up in search engine results pages (SERPs). You need to look at meta descriptions, title tags, backlinks, internal links, alt text for images, and more.
  4. Pay-per-click ads – There are times that no matter how polished and perfectly optimized your content is, it is still nearly impossible to show up on the first SERP for your keyword phrase. It could be the competition has you beat. (Imagine trying to optimize content for the keyword iPhone.) Or, it could be that others in your industry are outspending you with their advertising budget. Sometimes you have to pay to play and that is where pay-per-click ads need to be part of your website marketing strategies. If you are a newer business, it may be the only way you get noticed initially.
  5. Social Media Usage – Talk to business owners and many will echo the same thought: “Does social media give me ROI?” Many think the money budgeted for staff to handle social media is money down the drain. However, when used correctly, social media can complement your other digital marketing strategies. Many millennials, in particular, will check social media before they go to a company’s website. I realize if you are a manufacturing company, this may not apply to you. But creating social media can also benefit you in other ways, by adding a personality to your brand. It can also be quick and easy to update. I know during this pandemic, sometimes the only way I can get updated information on a business is by checking their social media. (If this is you, you may want us to design a user-friendly website for you!)

Web Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Time-Consuming

At NAVEO, we keep up with the constantly evolving field of SEO. And our developers are always learning the latest trends in website development. We can’t afford not to constantly increase our knowledge base, so that’s what we do. Give us a call! We’d love to deliver results for you.

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