Social Media Marketing

Social Media & SEO: What You Need To Know

If we need to tell you what social media is, you may have some homework to do. However, you may be wondering—what in the world do social media and SEO have to do with one another? A social media marketing campaign can enhance your SEO marketing strategy and increase your credibility with search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo.

A lot of people will tell you that a social media marketing campaign is a waste of your time and energy and that it won’t affect your SEO. That’s simply not true. Want proof? Bear with us here, but Google “politics.” Now our SERP results aren’t going to be the same, but I’m guessing you may have seen some YouTube or Twitter posts on your first page of results. Same with Googling “breaking news.” I have four Twitter posts front and center in my Google search results.

…and Doesn’t Social Media Build Credibility?

So glad you asked. Social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, among others humanize your business. They are the medium where you can show a bit of your personality and tell your potential and current customers what you believe in. Typically information you share may be a bit more personal than the marketing content on your website. It’s all about posting relevant and interesting information to engage your followers.

Need a Social Media Marketing Campaign?

NAVEO will create a social media marketing campaign that is consistent with your brand and marketing message but on a more personal basis. It’s about creating a dialogue with your followers—a conversation if you will. At best you’ll earn things about your followers, their wants, and needs. At the very least, they’ll learn more about the people behind your brand. Consumers and companies like to do business with people they like and trust.

What Should You Share on Social Media?

Share a bit more about you, your company, your philanthropic endeavors including your support of the community. All these things will help people get to know you, trust you, and want to support you and your product or service. How many times during the pandemic, did you hear of someone patronizing a small business because they wanted to support them? In many cases, it’s because they feel like they know the company. Perhaps they’ve met the owner, or just feel like they have, due to posts about his latest round of golf in a golf charity event. Or maybe because they saw how his factory switched to manufacturing hand sanitizer during the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Create Your Own Social Gathering Place

Online profiles and videos engage prospective customers and enhance an existing online presence. Social media marketing not only influences buyer behavior, but it also provides your brand with credibility in an extremely cost-effective manner. It’s about your customers and prospects finding and maintaining relationships with you rather than you pursuing them; ultimately leading to better-educated followers, and more qualified leads. With share-worthy topics, your company can also achieve higher rankings in the search engines as people engage with your content more and more.

Seeing [And Hearing] is Believing

Don’t just tell your customers, show and tell them. Online videos and tutorials using video marketing sites like YouTube are common go-to’s for all types of information and learning. Social media marketing influences buyer behavior and builds brand credibility. While prospects watch your video, you watch your business grow!

If all this sounds overwhelming, we get it. It’s easy to talk about social media and SEO working together, but it takes a bit more in practice. As a full-service Milwaukee advertising agency, we understand how easy it is to put off planning a social media strategy. We’re happy to help and work your social media efforts into an overall SEO marketing strategy.