Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the organic ranking of a website with leading search engines such as Google and Bing. NAVEO develops an SEO marketing strategy to improve your search engine ranking. Our content marketing services team modify web page content to align with relevant phrases.

However, optimizing a web page is only part of the work that needs to be done. Search engine algorithms are highly complex—assigning weight to many factors beyond the page itself. Our SEO specialists monitor and respond to algorithm updates as an ongoing practice. Below are just some of the web SEO services we perform on a monthly basis to help improve their placement in the Search Engines.

Initial SEO

Our SEO marketing strategy starts with a discovery process to understand your business and goals. An important part of search engine optimization marketing is to analyze your site. We’ll perform a thorough review and analysis of your website to evaluate potential areas of improvement and identify issues.  Duplicate content, poor quality backlinks, keyword stuffing, and other factors will all negatively impact your site’s ranking.

Our team will research, analyze, and select keyword phrases to reach your target audience.

Think you’re set because you’ve already had a Milwaukee SEO agency perform extensive SEO and PPC analysis on your website? Unfortunately, you may want to think again. SEO marketing strategy is not a one and done endeavor. If there is one thing that is for certain, it is that Google is always changing the game. Extensive work on your website even five years ago doesn’t mean your website is properly optimized today. You need to review your SEO and marketing strategy on an ongoing basis and our SEO team can help.

Keyword Research

Keyword research begins by asking the question: “How do people search for something? ” What words do they type in that search box in hopes of finding what they are looking for? Be it a product or service, manufacturer, or retailer, the answers can be surprising and even enlightening. Sounds easy enough, right? Often times what you think potential clients are searching for—and what they are—are two completely different things.

NAVEO will work with you to learn your terminology and uncover the keywords search phrases related to your specific industry. In addition, our team researches your competition. We’ll provide you with a competitive landscape to identify key businesses and opportunities in your space.

We’ll analyze the data to find keywords with the right intent and the most search volume. We’ll determine an SEO marketing strategy which includes putting these SEO keyword phrases to work to get you results. Utilizing these relevant keyword phrases and secondary keywords drive traffic to your website. Increased visitors to your website, in turn, drive better search engine rankings.

Local Search Optimization

Delivering local SEO results is part of Google’s universal search initiative. Optimizing for your location is especially important if you have a storefront. Due to our exceedingly mobile culture, Google Responds to searches for “pizza,” with local listings with addresses and phone numbers. This is because, in the absence of other search words, Google assumes you want to eat pizza today. If you enter “buy pizza oven,” you’ll get completely different results. (By the way, fun fact: 4,090,000 people searched for pizza last month.)

Another example, when someone searches for “Menomonee Falls advertising agency,” NAVEO Marketing pops up on the first page of the search engine results pages.

NAVEO submits and optimizes your business to Google and many other local directories and search engines. Yelp, Bing, Citysearch—and other trusted citation sites—are places where your business should be visible. We’ll also check to make sure there aren’t consistencies across various directories. If your address is listed one way on one, and another on a different listing this can hinder your local SEO rank. Have you moved, changed your business name, or added your mobile phone number to your website? You’ll want to ensure these changes are consistent across all the directories listing to your website. We also find a lot of incomplete profiles.  There is a lot to local SEO marketing. You don’t want to neglect this aspect of your SEO marketing strategy.

Fresh Website Content

Writing for search engines is definitely an art and totally different than writing a paper for an English class. You not only need to consider your audience, but also the grade you receive from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Sure, you need to write well and engage your human audience, but you also need to craft your message to appeal to how search engines index and rank your website pages.

Professional website development and optimized content are critical to search engine marketing success! Now more than ever, content is king. You need good content to engage your readers and prompt them to make contact or request a quote. However, you also need to get the attention of search engine spiders.

Our content marketing services focus on a number of good SEO marketing strategies including:

  • Writing fresh, original content.
  • Writing content that informs or entertains your target audience or hopefully both!
  • Weaving in primary, secondary, and long-tailed keywords.
  • Not over-optimizing keywords. Yes—there is too much of a good thing and Google doesn’t like it.
  • Satisfying search engine algorithms.
  • Not keyword stuffing!
  • Including charts, videos, and infographics to help people linger on your page and help increase the time a user spends on your page.
  • Creating sharable content—Google likes quality links.

Regularly updating your website with quality content that answers the questions search engine users are looking for is one way SEO promotes business growth.

Press Releases / White Papers

When it comes to branding and visibility, press releases are an integral component of SEO in digital marketing. Our content marketing team writes and distributes search engine-optimized press releases to achieve a higher level of online visibility. We also subscribe to a premier online press distribution service to ensure our clients have the best advantage to receive increased mentions both online and in print. Frequent impressions of the brand increase product or company name recognition.

In addition, publishing white papers on industry portal sites boosts page rank score and domain authority. Relevant, interesting, share-worthy articles increases traffic to your website. And establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry will catch the eye of prospects, many of whom who will convert into customers.

Directory Submissions / Link Building

NAVEO has a large list of free directories and data aggregators and will submit your site to these portals over a period of time. Generally, these directories do not provide as high of an impact as paid directories; however, it is a great way to gain links quickly from relevant websites. Link-building is important to search engine algorithms and how your website ranks. The more quality 3rd party sites that link back to your website, the better!

Leads & Conversions

A web conversion is when the visitor takes an additional action beyond viewing the content such as filling out a contact or RFQ form, downloading an informational PDF, making a purchase, or other smaller steps in your sales cycle. Conversion rate is a valuable measurement to determine success of an SEO program.

NAVEO works to increase the search engine page rank and thereby increase site traffic. Improving QUALITY traffic on a given site also translates to more conversions — more contacts, more leads, more business.

Web Metrics and Analytics

NAVEO runs a baseline ranking report before we start working to know how you rank prior to optimization. Additional reports can be run and customized to your goals. We monitor traffic, conversions and keyword rankings to make sure you are on the right track and to help guide us in our efforts moving forward. To ensure your satisfaction, NAVEO will provide you with project updates and progress reports as often as you choose.

In-house expertise at NAVEO enables us to successfully meet the needs of companies big or small, websites complex or simple. We have tiered service levels which allow you to select the search engine marketing investment you are comfortable with.