Hurricane Door Product Video for NABCO Entrances

Effective product marketing videos attract attention and hold it, letting you quickly communicate your value proposition to clients and prospects. NAVEO recently completed a new product video for NABCO Entrances, promoting a new product: STORM E.

NABCO’s STORM E is a Level E hurricane resistant automatic sliding door designed to protect essential facilities such as hospitals, police stations and schools. With hurricane preparedness becoming more relevant every year, our client needed their product to stand out in a sea of competitors.

Key Components of an Effective Product Video

The project started by getting to know NABCO and what makes their new STORM E door different. In collaboration with the client, we developed a script to maximize product interest in their target market, highlighting the features that give STORM E an edge. Taking the time to understand the client’s needs in order to craft a clear core message is crucial, because the strength of a video script underpins the visual content.

To bring the script to life, we used professional voice talent and a powerful soundtrack to keep viewers engaged, as well as clips of stock hurricane footage to create a sense of urgency. At key moments in the script, product differentiators are highlighted through custom graphics and callouts. In the final shot, viewers are left with a clear call to action and multiple ways to contact the seller.

hurricane door product video and sell sheets

A Perfect Storm: Video & Print Join Forces

Unlike lengthy explainer documents, a well-crafted product video educates viewers effortlessly. In this case, real video footage from product testing shows the STORM E standing up to windborne debris moving 80 ft/sec. Now that’s how you make an impact on your audience!

NAVEO also designed compelling sell sheets to support the video, making it easier for the STORM E to stay top of mind once the video is over. By creating the video and print assets under one roof, each sales message is optimized for its specific media channel.

Showcase Your Products in their Best Light

NAVEO provides proven video production services that make it easy for our clients to get their selling points across to both prospects and shareholders. No matter how simple or complex your concept, professional execution is what makes your message memorable. Demand for quality B2B and B2C product videos is only increasing. Don’t get left behind or drowned out by the competition. Let’s talk about how NAVEO can turn your next video project into a successful sales tool.

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