Expert Graphic Design & Print Collateral Aren’t Dead

Did you know that 63% of small businesses still use traditional marketing? Though digital marketing budgets—including e-newsletters, video, and website marketing, continue to rise—investing in good graphic design and print marketing collateral should remain in your content marketing toolbox in 2020.

Here are 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Neglect Traditional Marketing

  1. Print marketing is memorable – If your inboxes look anything like ours, you know how messaging can get lost in the clutter. While there is a place for well-crafted e-newsletters, there is something to be said for a bold graphic postcard or brochure you can hold in your hand. These days, anything other than a political mailer is a treat!
  2. Traditional marketing generates brand awareness – When a brochure with well-crafted content and eye-catching graphics captures someone’s attention, it tends to linger. Whether that is on their desk, or in a common area, these pieces can be conversation starters. When someone needs your product or service down the road, they can pick up that promotional piece and dial your number, or visit your website. You’ve already established a level of trust from being a known entity.
  3. You can package a demo – At NAVEO Marketing we have clients who’ve invested in graphic design and printing of marketing materials that include a video component. Our video brochures open up to reveal an embedded video. This digital technology delivers powerful results and leaves space to attach sales literature or a business card.
  4. Trade publications are not dead – Investing time in creating memorable print ads for industry magazines that fit your niche still delivers ROI. The same goes for writing useful content. Many industry publications have a track record for delivering reliable content. And many of your future clients still enjoy flipping through the pages of a glossy, vibrant magazine. According to a research study for Magazines Canada, 68% of B2B publication readers are part of senior management.
  5. End readers don’t get a big brother feeling – When the mailman delivers a promotional piece from a company someone touched base with at an industry conference, many attendees appreciate the follow-up. When you’re conducting research for a new piece of equipment online, and Google starts displaying ads, it feels a little stalker-ish. I know everyone is getting used to it, but we’d take thoughtful over creepy any day.

Contact NAVEO Marketing for Award-Winning Graphic Design and Print Collateral

examples of graphic design and print collateral for B2B companies in Wisconsin

NAVEO Marketing designed the XACT Wire EDM Corporation pocket folder that the Great Lakes Graphic Association (GLGA) awarded “2020 Best of Division” to printer Special Editions Inc. Our design also won for the category of service catalogs (four or more colors) for a Kinetic corporate brochure. Kinetic is the world’s premiere knifemaker.

We can help you determine a content marketing strategy that contains the right balance of digital and traditional marketing to bring in the leads you are looking for.

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