Custom Web Design Services – 4 Things That Help

When a client recently approached NAVEO for custom web design and development, our developers and designers were champing at the bit. This company has amazing products, expert engineers, and a killer manufacturing facility, but their website was dated and not projecting their brand image. When is the last time you went to a website and it populated less than half of your computer screen? Mobile-friendly? Forget about it. And, we’re not exaggerating.

4 Things That Help NAVEO With Your Custom Web Design

  1. Take stock – What are you trying to convey and who is your target audience? Are you looking for lead generation? Are you looking to promote your brand? What makes your brand uniquely you? In the case of our manufacturer, their superpower was knowing what their clients needed better than their clients did. This skill makes for successful projects and happy customers.
  2. Take a look around – What do you like on your competitor’s sites? Our website developers will design a site that is uniquely yours, however, it helps them to know what is and isn’t appealing to you. Are your competitors doing particularly well in something you want to accomplish? We’ll want to take a page from their playbook and optimize content for you to help you compete.
  3. Take inventory – Do you have photos from recent product launches or events that we can use to populate your site? If not, our professional photographer will come to your site and take the pictures we’ll need to convey who you are.
  4. Take heed of what Google wants – You’ll want your new website design to be fierce, bold, or retro. But regardless of what you want your site to look like to users, it has to address what Google and other search engines need to find it. We’ll fill you in on all the things we need to get your fantastic new site found by users searching for your product or service. Some of these design elements may include having a news page or blog post tab to keep content fresh. You’ll want alt text for images and content that has internal and external links. You can leave all this behind the scenes stuff to us. We’ve been doing this for a long time.

Hire NAVEO For Expert Branding Design

Feeling overwhelmed? Get in touch and we’ll help you get started. Our expert team can also help you with print advertising, tradeshow booths, and video production. Located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, we service the Milwaukee Metro Area and all of Wisconsin.

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