Pay Per Click Management

Why You Should Consider PPC Ads

When you conduct a search using a keyword or phrase, you’ll often see a number of results that say ad in bold next to the search result. On some pages, the top three or four spots may all be ads. These SERP results are known as Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads or PPC ads. PPC ads can display below organic search results as well as up above them. As a PPC marketing agency, we can tell you that sometimes it can be extremely difficult to land on the first page without them.

How Do I Entice People to Click on My PPC Ads?

The short answer—not everyone will. Some will click, though–and will immediately be directed to a landing page on your website. However, though not everyone clicks on PPC ads, they plan an important role in your SEO & PPC marketing program. Even if a potential client or customer doesn’t click on your PPC ad, your brand still gets visibility and that has value.

There's a Reason It's Called Pay Per Click

As you probably already know, you only pay for pay for click when someone actually clicks on your ad. But how much do you actually pay for pay for click advertising?

The cost per click (CPC) of an ad is determined by how relevant the keywords searched are in relation to the content of your website. The more the ad keywords coincide with the products or services you are selling—the lower the cost. In other words, how well your site is optimized for the keywords you are targeting helps lower your PPC cost.

What that means is that throwing out some Google or Facebook ads could do you some good. However, without the guidance of a PPC marketing agency, you may not see good ROI.

SEO & PPC - Use Them To Your Advantage

Whether your company is brand new or well established, PPC advertising is an effective part of your SEO and marketing strategy. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, versus “earning” those visits organically. It can also be a great billboard for your business. By having ads constantly visible to your target market you are building brand awareness at no cost at all. And if someone does click, now you have their attention with a carefully-crafted landing page.

Though PPC ads can be a confusing concept for a beginner, you should not skip utilizing this powerful SEO and marketing tool.

Purchase PPC to Land at the TOP

If your newly optimized site is struggling to get on the first page of results for a chosen keyword, pay per click advertising can be a quick way to get listed at the top. There is one catch. You have to know how to do it.

Contact our expert PPC team at NAVEO. We’ll take the mystery out of PPC advertising.

Clients And NAVEO Just Naturally Click

With our Pay-Per-Click management services NAVEO can do keyword research, a competitor analysis, ad and landing page development, as well as monitor clicks, costs, and conversions of the PPC campaign as often as needed. NAVEO will also suggest which PPC advertising solution would be best for your product, service and target market. We are experts in various pay-per-click marketing platforms such as Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn. The metrics prove that NAVEO delivers solid and valuable results.