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Creating quality content for your business website, email campaigns, social media profiles and other platforms takes a lot of work. Without an in-house marketing department and copywriter on staff, it can be a struggle for business owners to get projects off the ground, let alone complete professionally polished content on a deadline.

Outsourcing is an efficient way to get the effective, original content you need for all your marketing channels. Let NAVEO take the pain and procrastination out of content creation for your website and other inbound and outbound marketing programs. If you need a website or marketing strategy, we can help with that, too.

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NAVEO provides professional content development services for a wide range of projects. Our capabilities include:

General content creation services are flexible based on the needs of your project. You define the scope and deadline. We’ll take the reins and see it through. We ask the right questions and efficiently gather the necessary details from key stakeholders and subject matter experts at your organization. Our team can produce effective copy in a range of writing styles, ensuring the end result is tailored to your target audience.

Before the project is complete you’ll review the content and have ample opportunity to make or request revisions. The finished content is yours to post, share or broadcast as desired.

SEO content development specifically refers to web content optimized for search engines. SEO content development is most effective as part of an overall SEO strategy for your website. When you develop high-quality content that aligns with the topics your prospective customers are searching for, you increase the odds of your website showing up in their search results.

NAVEO’s ongoing SEO services with regular content development include posting, on-page optimizations, updating the sitemap and submitting new URLs to Google for indexing.

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We have solutions for duplicate content, thin content & unoptimized website content.

Improving Your Existing Content

NAVEO copywriters and SEO analysts can also review, edit and expand your existing website content to resolve common issues and improve website performance.

Duplicate content is a common problem that can work against other SEO efforts on your site.

Examples of duplicate content:

  • Re-posting articles from other websites in your company blog
  • Using the manufacturers’ provided descriptions for products you sell
  • Creating multiple web pages with similar information

Thin content means there isn’t enough content on the page to provide real value. Google wants to serve the most helpful pages as search results, so pages with thin content won’t rank well.

How “fat” or rich does web content need to be in order to succeed? It depends on the complexity and competitiveness of the search query. Also, no web page exists in a vacuum. Websites focused on a specific subject that provide comprehensive, high-quality content perform better than websites with fewer pages or lesser quality.

Unoptimized content may be well written and/or include helpful information, but if it’s not tailored to your target audience and optimized for search, it’s not really helping. Simply “growing content” by adding more words to a website isn’t enough. SEO content for websites needs to be relevant, engaging, and purposeful, with strategic keyword usage and calls-to-action that motivate site users. Bad grammar, typos and other issues must also be corrected as search engines prioritize error-free content.

Focused & Flexible Content Development Services

NAVEO offers project-specific or ongoing content development based on your business objectives and budget. Whether you need SEO content development along with strategic direction, or just straight copywriting for an upcoming project, we can help.

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