3D Product Animation Services

3D animation offers big advantages for businesses who need to communicate the value of a complex or technical product. Even tiny or hidden details can be precisely illustrated, taking the viewer on a tour from every angle, inside and out.

Use 3D animation to give an overview, assembly instructions, troubleshooting tips, or to compare your product against competitors. You’ll spend less time explaining how your product works and more time closing sales.

NAVEO’s 3D product animation video services are versatile, affordable, and a great resource for your sales team. 3D product animation will also help your products reach more potential clients online.

3D product animation services

3D animation uses computer-generated images to showcase your product


Benefits of 3D Animation for Product Marketing

  • Attention spans are short – and getting shorter. 3D product animation videos convey important points and complex concepts in a fraction of the time it would take if reading.
  • Videos are ideal for smartphones. Even on the most mobile-friendly website in the world, poring over lengthy explanations is tough on a tiny screen. A 3D animated video featuring your product gets the point across quickly, no matter what device your customer is using.
  • Help your advocates make the sale. In B2B sales, the person searching for a new product or piece of equipment often has to convince a decision-maker (or department) of its value. A quality 3D product animation tutorial makes it easier for busy executives to grasp key features and benefits.
  • One video – endless ways to watch. 3D animated product videos are ideal for sharing on a wide range of digital platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and of course your company website. With autoplay, your product video has the opportunity to hook the viewer without a single click required.
  • Product videos keep the action going. Ending your video with a link to your website or preferred method of contact makes it easy for an engaged user to take action – even if they’ve never heard of your company before.

Lowering the Barriers to Learning More

A 3D product animation video won’t replace quality written content, spec sheets and tables of technical details. But it will let the visitor get an overview quickly when they’re not ready to invest the time it takes to read. A professional 3D product animation makes a great first impression and increases the odds your next prospective client will get (and stay) engaged.

Video Marketing is only Growing More Important

Study after study reaches the same conclusion: online video consumption is growing year after year, with no signs of stopping. According to Zenith, a media planning company, on average a person will spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos in 2021 [source: press release]. That’s an increase of more than 49% in just three years:

Average Online Video Consumption

3D bar graph showing online video popularity growing each year

For most businesses, the wait-and-see approach made sense back in 2015, but in 2021 the writing’s on the digital wall: the time to invest in video marketing is now.

Your competitors are already taking advantage of 3D animation

Stay competitive or get a leg up by taking your online product content to the next level. Invest in a single video, or increase versatility with multiple edits used for sales, marketing, or R&D.

The cost of 3D product animation varies based on specifics like duration, scripting, voiceover, modeling, text overlay, etc. We’re happy to provide a price estimate based on the requirements for your video.

Headquartered near Milwaukee, NAVEO Marketing agency creates custom 3D product animation videos for our clients throughout Wisconsin, and coast to coast. Drop us a line to start a conversation!

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