NAVEO Launches Modern Web Design For Colleen Horner Design Studio

When Colleen Horner Design Studio approached NAVEO for a new modern web design, our developers knew just what to do. Colleen Horner was looking to redesign their current website. And they wanted to align the look of their website with the feel of their gorgeous showroom.

Having worked with Colleen Horner Design Studio before, our developers were up for the challenge of making their awesome remodeling services pop on their new site.

6 Modern Web Design Strategies

  1. Grabbing the viewer with large professional photos—while the site was in the design phase the conversation around the office went something like this: “Ooohh pretty! I want that kitchen!” And in response: “I want that bathroom!” With rooms that gorgeous, why not let the work speak for itself? Of course, our developers and SEO experts worked behind the scenes to properly optimize photos with keywords and alt tags. And that they’d have the quick load time necessary for mobile devices.
  2. Ensuring the new site is mobile-friendly—as mentioned above, quick load times are a must in today’s world. Google research states that 53% of visitors will leave a website if the page doesn’t load within three seconds. Responsive website design that takes user behavior into consideration ensures a site built for conversions
  3. Expanded portfolio section—when it comes to viewing gorgeous kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms you can’t get too much of a good thing. Colleen Horner’s beautiful tile and stone materials customized to fit a client’s lifestyle result in rooms that are works of art. We took advantage of these sophisticated rooms by bringing them to life in an expanded portfolio.
  4. Including spaces besides kitchens and bathrooms—though kitchens and baths are Colleen Horner’s bread and butter, they work on a variety of projects. From master bedrooms, to complete condo remodeling, we wanted to highlight their expertise to get visitors to their site thinking about the issues they have at home they need help with.
  5. Creating a gallery of their showroom—Colleen Horner’s showroom is a feast for the senses. Highlighting their extensive collection of finishes, displays and concepts encourages website visitors to linger and be more likely to click on contact us. 
  6. Using an attention-grabbing tagline—Remodeling Redefined was utilized strategically on the site to define their exceptional product management using upscale products.

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