Video Content Marketing Corporate Videos, Video Brochures, Product & Process Animation

Let NAVEO Marketing bring your story to life and put life into your story via video marketing. NAVEO is skilled at putting together 2D and 3D animations, corporate videos, and video brochures. Combine sight and sound for a full-on sensory sensation and presentation.

How Our Video Marketing Services Works

From pre-production planning to post-editing, we have the full in-house capability to produce videos of any length. Our writers will handle copy and script development. And our project managers will supervise talent scouting, auditions, direction, and production. Our photo studio allows our photographers to handle most product photoshoots right here at the agency.

Do You Need Large-Scale Video Content Marketing?

Have a bigger project? We’ll come to your facility or shop for a photo shoot. Our videographers equip themselves to with lights, cameras, and mics to record on site. Once we have the footage, our professional post-production expert will create magic and add pizzazz via editing and special effects.

What’s a Video Brochure and Why Should I have One?

A video brochure delivers the best of both worlds. This digital technology opens like a brochure revealing an embedded video and a pocket that holds promotional material such as a brochure or sales literature. Powerful and convincing results impress our clients who are then sold on the technology.

3D animation isn’t just used for video games and virtual reality. Savvy marketers work with our animator to communicate motion, portray movement, and add flair to visuals and graphics. Space is three-dimensional. Let’s use it to your advantage!

Don’t forget that with YouTube being the second largest search engine, it is a great platform to build brand recognition and drive traffic to your website via video.