Things to Consider When Migrating a Website to WordPress

Migrating a website to WordPress isn’t difficult for a seasoned web programmer. However, it’s easy to miss critical steps that can result in major headaches if you’re new to the process. Our team at NAVEO does a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure a smooth WordPress migration from Wix, Magento or other platform. Here are just a few of the steps we take to aid in a seamless process:

  1. Take stock of the existing website – Our developers will evaluate your current site reviewing all the content including regular pages, posts, photo galleries, menu items, SEO tags, etc. Is your website a fairly small site which allows us to manually import existing data, or is there a sizable page count? If so, we consider which tool we’ll use to transfer data. We also examine URLs. We need to consider the redirects if the URL structure changes. WordPress site design also involves evaluating third party services such as reservations or data collection tools.
  2. Set up WordPress – Once we’ve done a thorough review of your existing site, and had a conversation about any changes needed on your new site, it’s time to set up WordPress. During this step we’ll need to preinstall plugins. For small sites, we can manually transfer by copying and pasting contents while keeping track of the old URLs. A new WordPress menu will replace your existing navigation.
  3. Consider your design – if we’re simply migrating a website to WordPress without a new design, this step won’t be too intensive. However, if you are looking for a complete refresh of your website, we’ll have ideas and suggestions to help feed your creativity and create you a modern new web design.
  4. Go live – After setting up your new WordPress site and either switching over or creating a new theme, it’s time to flip the switch on your new site. However, we’ll want to do a careful review first. And even after we go live, a thorough web crawl will give us a quick snapshot of any potential URL redirects, meta descriptions or image alt tags you missed.

Need WordPress Migration Service?

As you can see, there are many things to consider when migrating a site to WordPress. Contact NAVEO Marketing today for assistance with WordPress migration to ensure everything goes smoothly, so you can focus on what you do best—running your profitable business.

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