Xtremely Xact

NAVEO Marketing in Milwaukee can help as with branding as your web marketing agency.


XACT Wire EDM has a history of delivering on its promises. They have over 40 wire EDM machines and production centers in Wisconsin and Illinois. But building on their local reputation and expanding the business nationally turned out to be a challenge. Their limited sales force and a homegrown web marketing effort wasn’t achieving the desired results. XACT needed to partner with a Milwaukee web marketing agency.

NAVEO marketing developed new marketing collateral ideas for client XACT as their web marketing agency.

The Challenge

XACT needed a strong brand identity. They needed to resonate with large companies needing a partner to handle excess capacity. Contract machining companies without EDM capability were also part of their target market. Finally, they wanted to appeal to OEMs that outsource all their EDM component manufacturing. Their ultimate goal— use that new brand identity to attract new business.

The Right Fit

NAVEO worked with XACT to develop a clear brand identity and a value proposition. The messaging mirrors production capabilities and strengths and speaks to the needs of the company’s three main purchasing audiences. Our team implemented SEO and PPC programs along with industry-targeted web advertising programs to generate RFQs from new clients.


The new website NAVEO developed has become the company’s core information center and marketing tool. Web marketing referrals, PPC click-throughs and conference calls to new clients all lead to it. The website has become a source of consistent sales contact requests and RFQs that has allowed XACT Wire EDM to re-establish its growth and expand its reach beyond its traditional upper-Midwest client base.

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