Elevating Expectations

Milwaukee B2B agency, NAVEO Marketing, creates new landing pages as part of marketing collateral ideas implemented for GVS.


GVS Engage is a startup consulting company providing employee evaluation tools and general business consulting services. They specialize in government program capture methodologies and training. A highly successful executive team with experience in the marine and industrial manufacturing sectors founded the firm.

The company’s mission is threefold:

  • Help medium and large companies improve employee hiring practices and engagement rates
  • Raise long term productivity and employee retention
  • Improve sales processes to enable capture of large private and government supplier programs
NAVEO develops marketing collateral ideas for GVS including new tagline development: Employee Engagement & Strategies for Growth.

The Challenge

Waukesha, Wisconsin-based GVS Engage builds all-star teams. However, they needed marketing collateral ideas to get their message across to the mid and large corporations they were targeting. Their reputation was known and recognized in certain key government departments, yet they needed national visibility. They researched Milwaukee marketing agencies to find a B2B agency to help them create a brand development strategy.



NAVEO Marketing develops marketing collateral ideas for GVS including ENGAGE-themed stationary.

The Right Fit

Our team at NAVEO Marketing developed a complete brand around the ENGAGE theme. Since the core value add of both of the company’s programs revolves around employee engagement and their approach to customer engagement, this core value-add concept became a part of the company’s name.

Once established the theme was carried forward through all the marketing collateral ideas and messaging. This theme produced a highly leveraged visibility campaign that runs through all selected media.


With the establishment of a focused brand, website, and other marketing collateral ideas, the company has been able to leverage its identity, value proposition and web presence to cultivate a large group of service partners who rely on GVS to support company management, employee engagement and large client acquisition strategy.

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