Powering Partnerships

Milwaukee-based Curtis Industries partnered with NAVEO Marketing for industrial marketing strategy including a new website.


Curtis Industries, an electrical component manufacturer, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been in business since 1933. They participate in competitive markets which include many domestic, European, and Asian producers.

NAVEO marketing designed new business cards for Curtis Industries as part of their new industrial marketing strategy.

The Challenge

Curtis Industries’ products—which include electrical terminal blocks, power supplies, and RFI filters—are often considered to be commodity items. However, they frequently require application-specific engineering because of the electronic devices or PC boards with which they are assembled. Curtis needed an industrial marketing strategy that would separate them from the “me too” product crowd.

Their goal— to gain credibility, shelf space, and prime sales time with their distribution network.

NAVEO created a new corporate look for Curtis Industries as part of their new industrial marketing strategy.

The Right Fit

Creating the industrial marketing strategy Curtis Industries was looking for required a unique set of skills. They needed to gain credibility with distribution sales forces. They also needed to find the right level of marketing support for the technical understanding required for their products. As an experienced B2B agency, our team at NAVEO had the knowledge required to overcome these challenges. We understand the investment-based decision-making processes prevalent in the manufacturing and commercial sectors.


Our team created a brand development strategy that distinguished Curtis Industries from its competitors. Their new site is bold, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. We implemented a responsive design to make all screen resolutions are compatible. NAVEO answered their rebranding questions and helped to re-establish Curtis Industries as a preeminent supplier in its field.


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