Ripe For The Picking

Brand development agency NAVEO develops FRESH bold landing pages for Heartland Produce website.


Delivering fresh, appealing produce is a competitive business. It requires attention at every step of the logistics chain. The chain includes suppliers, local warehousing, restaurant delivery, large food stores, and smaller specialty food retailers. Product needs to be delivered at the correct pre-peak level to ensure consumer satisfaction.

Brand development company NAVEO marketing produces new tradeshow banners for Heartland Produce Company.

The Challenge

Consumer lifestyles dictated an industry change in portioning and packaging as well as storage requirements. Consumer demand for individual portions and ready-to-serve fruit and vegetable packs has grown tremendously. One thing that hasn’t changed— the desire for FRESH produce. Heartland Produce Company needed to partner with a brand development agency that could develop a new website and FRESH marketing messages to properly portray their brand.

Heartland Produce partners with brand development agency, NAVEO, to produce a new logo and memo pads for trade shows.

The Right Fit

Heartland Produce Company partnered with NAVEO to develop marketing collateral ideas that were Fresh Indeed! To develop a memorable brand, our team learned Heartland’s business model. Our goal—to create the high-value brand they were looking for. From a new website design, to trade show banners and a new logo, we created a look that’s as FRESH as the produce they wholesale.




Delivering the core brand message through the company’s website, sales literature, and industry tradeshows proved successful. Partnering with a brand development agency resulted in significant sales growth. This expansion led to increasing warehouse and office spaces and properly positioned Heartland for future growth.

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