Multiple Divisions, Working Better Together

Fisher Barton marketing collateral developed by NAVEO marketing as part of brand value proposition development.


A leading global manufacturer of wear-resistant components, the Fisher Barton Group has long been known as a leader in materials engineering. From its humble beginnings as a manufacturer of lawnmower blades, the company has grown to ten different divisions through both acquisition and organic growth.

Fisher Barton video panels developed by NAVEO marketing as part of brand value proposition development.

The Challenge

With the acquisition of several new divisions, an expansion into new technologies and the construction of a new R&D Facility, Fisher Barton was in need of a unifying message to tie the company’s diverse activities together. The challenge was to craft a brand value proposition about the leverage of a common engineering expertise across all divisions. Opening opportunities in new markets based on a broadly shared materials engineering expertise was the goal of the new brand.

The Right Fit

With a strong background in heavy and agricultural equipment and a well-developed understanding of the manufacturing sector, NAVEO was able to quickly grasp the meaning of the company’s intellectual property and R&D capabilities. A new brand value proposition and tagline were developed. To quickly communicate the new brand to C-Suite players in target industries, NAVEO proposed creating a video-pack—a physical book with an integrated 9-inch video screen and player.


Fisher Barton’s new corporate image:

Fisher Barton distributed the video at tradeshows and to selected high-value manufacturing partners. It gave their sales department rapid entry to new clients and industries. The company received a significant ROI in the new R&D research center.

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