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The Sum of the Parts is Greater

The search for greater online branding effectiveness starts with the understanding that although Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is made up of many different parts, each of which can be productive in its own right, a fantastic and growing level of synergy can be evolved as the different parts are put together.

The resulting full-featured campaign can yield a far greater level of brand visibility and produce a fuller, on-going stream of sales leads at a progressively improved ROI.

Multi-Method Synergy

NAVEO takes a high level strategic view and practices a hands-on, day-to-day aproach to the development of each client's SEM campaign. We help clients develop an online presence and web marketing strategy, beginning with a clear set of branding objectives and a great web presence–expanding the presence with Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click, and complementing these with PR, whitepapers, email campaigns, online advertising, and social media to create a powerful, high-yield online brand presence.

Milwaukee Search Engine Marketing

Metrics, Analytics and Results

The biggest benefit of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) by far is the ability to observe, measure, and compare all of the data behind every online marketing channel you utilize to ensure that you are getting the highest Return on Investment for your marketing dollars. NAVEO then makes decisions about content and media based on hard facts, not just guessing.

NAVEO delivers reports and action items to you either in printed form, online or both, and always takes the time to explain our findings clearly and honestly. The frequency depends on your needs as a company.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a factor in Google's search engine algorithm and therefore it has become increasingly important to participate on social sites. Social media content such as images and text now appear in search results along with the familiar web page snippets. Social reputation means that you have quality friends in your network. Social shares are similar to links but are measured. Having a YouTube, LinkedIn or Google+ page helps website rankings and should be part of an overall strategy.

On-site News and Blogs

Blogs are an SEO tool which bring repeat visitors to your site and gathers a loyal following. Search engines like popular sites with a good reputation for being interesting enough to follow. Keeping a blog fresh takes dedication. Our blog writing service builds your keywords into business-related blog posts that engage readers.

Developing sales leads online is the go-to new business development approach for all types of industries.

Fresh Website Content

If there is anything the Google ranking algorithm likes most, it is new content on a site. So even though it is strictly a part of website maintenance, it must be included in all SEM programs as a primary ingredient of a successful online campaign. Producing monthly updates to industry and application-related web pages is the easiest way for B2B and B2C marketers to create relevant content that will boost search engine ranking.

Press Releases

Press Releases are vital to the overall marketing strategy, especially for branding and visibility. They are also an integral component of Internet marketing. NAVEO subscribes to a premier online press distribution service to make sure that our clients receive the greatest opportunity to have their press release published online in addition to print. Frequent impressions of the brand increase product or company name recognition. NAVEO will write and distribute search engine-optimized press releases to achieve a higher level of online visibility.

Directory Submissions

NAVEO has a list of free directories and will submit your site to these directories over a period of time. Generally, free directories do not provide as high of an impact as paid directories; however, free directory submissions are a great way to quickly gain links from relevant categories. They are also important to search engine algorithms which measure link profiles and growth rate.

White Papers

Another of Google's important ranking metrics is the source of incoming traffic to a site. Publishing white papers on industry portals boosts site page scores and authority, which leads to higher ranking in organic search results.

Portal and Industry Newsletter Advertising

Most industry magazines now run web portals in addition to their printed publications. These portals have all but supplanted the print media and now present some excellent opportunities to place effective ads that have a greater degree of visibility. Publishing new product, equipment, and services information via this channel can be a very rewarding sales lead generator - especially for the purpose of penetrating new markets.