NAVEO Launches New Insulation Manufacturing Website Design

When it comes to advanced cellulose manufacturing, Nature-Tech is on top of their game. With patented technology and new processes, Nature-Tech has revolutionized cellulose installation. However, when they approached NAVEO, their website wasn’t up to speed. Our developers at NAVEO gathered all the information we needed to create a manufacturing website design that would perform as well as their insulation.

Our Process: First We Needed To Understand Their Goals

In order to create a hard-working industrial website, our team sat down with Nature-Tech decision-makers to determine what their vision was for their company and their new site. They wanted to appeal to a variety of clients in a professional way. Their new site needed to reflect that desire, and be classy and informative both in design and content. They needed their site to appeal to commercial, residential, and construction clients, including architectural firms, commercial contractors, developers of residential and commercial properties, and high-end home builders.

What Did We Improve on Their New Website?

They needed a faster, more responsive sight both on mobile and desktop. Nature-Tech also wanted to be able to easily and efficiently update content, when necessary. They needed a site that played nicely with Google and other search engines to increase their Google rankings and SERP rankings. By developing a new site, properly optimized, with new content, their overall visibility in search engines would automatically get a boost.

How Can We Assist You?

Like Nature-Tech, you have goals to achieve. Let NAVEO Help you reach them. We track the best manufacturing websites to stay current on what works and what doesn’t. Keyword research is also a big part of our process to determine the titles, meta-descriptions, and keyword phrases that will get future clients to notice you. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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