Powering Partnerships


EME is an engineering firm that specializes in solving mechanical and electrical problems for power plant's generators. The company staff has very unique knowledge and problem solving capabilities. Most new business came to the company through referrals, or because an engineer at one plant moved to a new location that was not aware of EME services.


Enter the venture capital partners: a group of entrepreneurs with in-depth industry knowledge saw an opportunity to grow the business significantly by investing in marketing and developing a new brand that could be promoted nationally.


Naveo was selected as a Brand Development and Marketing Partner. The selection was made based on the company’s experience and understanding of industry and B2B marketing.


Value Proposition

EME is an Enabler

Customer capabilities and product portfolios are expanded through long-term partnerships with EME.

EME fills the non-core knowledge and engineering gap for suppliers, enabling them to take on larger and more complex projects, while maintaining focus on their core product and processes.


EME Associates

Services Delivered

  • Brand development
  • Logo development
  • Web design and development


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