Connectivity In Action

Work Continually to Create Brand Preference

No matter what product or service a company offers, creating a continuing presence on commonly visited venues is the first step to creating the Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA) that connects a brand to buyers.

Whether a prospect is in "immediate purchase mode" or not, presenting a well-tuned Brand is an opportunity to create, and then build a positive image that will remain with the buyer.

This impression can be continually reinforced and expanded with Meaningful Messages, so that the brand eventually gains Top Of Mind Awareness status in a prospective buyers mind.

Once TOMA status is achieved in a buyer's mind, it will progressively transform into a brand Preference that has a positive effect at the time of a purchase decision.

Positioning concepts or other important qualifiers can be added to this foundational brand impression to improve the Brand Image and increase preference as time goes by.

Reap the Benefits at the Time of Purchase

Achieving Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA) is a process that deserves continuous effort because it can be extremely rewarding.

High VISIBILITY makes it easy to locate products and services at purchase time. The initial conversion of Brand Preference to sales leads frequently takes place on a portal or in search engine results pages.

Once buyers land on your site, great content and appropriate calls to action facilitate the second step in Lead Generation converting awareness and interest to contacts and purchases.

Consistent media and web marketing solutions executed over the long term yield a consistent stream of sales leads and direct calls that can grow your business and profits.

Connectivity In Action

Brands built on the real intersection of seller benefits and buyer behavior generate highly Enhanced Value from the buyer's perspective. This powerful Differentiation enhances the brand and leads to the kind of Connectivity that generates permanent preference. Coupling Brand Power with consistent Visibility leverages every marketing investment, turning it into Buyer Action that yields the best and highest returns.