Raising the Roof with Integrated Media


Family owned and operated since 1981, L.H. Krueger and Son is known for its roofing expertise. Over the past several years, the company has evolved to handle all aspects of exterior home product installation, repair and maintenance.


Because L.H. Krueger is so well known and respected for roofing in Southeastern Wisconsin, many did not realize the full scope of the company’s offering, which includes gutters, siding and a general repair service. The company’s website was dated and did not clearly communicate the new generation of leadership. Strong competition from builders looking to expand their business during the economic downturn was the impetus for a more integrated marketing effort.


NAVEO's long history of working with builders, sub-contractors, interior designers and the Metropolitan Builders Association meant L.H. Krueger’s brand was in good hands. Our experience with consumer and industrial clients gave us an edge when bringing this new look to market.


After listening to the L.H. Krueger story, we developed a new positioning line – “Residential Exterior Experts” and decided to introduce Ryan and Leah Krueger through videos and greater prominence on the website.

Next, we created Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, Twitter, YouTube and Houzz accounts, as well as a blog, for Ryan and Leah to share their expertise online.

Efforts on the Web have been supported with an Every Door Direct Mail program targeting neighborhoods where L.H. Krueger has had success. This has helped generate a steady flow of new business from homeowners throughout southeastern Wisconsin.


L.H. Krueger and Son, LLC

Services Delivered

  • Positioning
  • Website
  • Corporate Videos
  • Blog and Social Media
  • Every Door Direct Mail


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